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April 14th, 2008

Basic MP3 Cutter

The next in our list is MP3 EasySplitter.

Setup is quick, but the program doesn’t offer us much choice. It installs start menu entries and a desktop icon automatically. Upon completion it also shows a small text file that mostly brags about advantages of the program. A little bit annoying.

The setup doesn’t offer to launch the program, so we start MP3 EasySplitter by double clicking its desktop icon.

No registration reminders are shown, it goes directly to the main window.

The blue arrow shows where to start. OK, we click the button to get an "Open" dialog. Browse and select our album.


The error message says that our file is corrupt, but we know for sure that it isn’t. It has been successfully split by quite a number of other MP3 splitters. So, what’s wrong? Variable bitrate?

We try opening another (much smaller) file, and it is opened OK. But when we try to set start/end points, MP3 EasySplitter throws the following message:

So, files bigger than 5 MB are not supported by the trial version. Very unfortunate. Why would we need to cut a file smaller than 5 MB? Well, only for testing…

Trying to get help by pressing F1 – failed. We click the Help button, but get a short FAQ instead.


  • Interface: very simple, but a bit ugly. 7
  • Features: only MP3, built-in player, no re-encoding. No waveform, no silence detection, no splitting by file size/duration, no CUE sheets etc. Error. 2
  • Documentation: small FAQ. 2
  • Compatibility: ran on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista 32 bit, Windows Vista 64 bit. 10
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