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April 14th, 2008

Lightweight MP3 Cutter

Another program that we encountered when searching the internet was MP3 Splitter. We downloaded the program to see if it was THE MP3 splitter.

The setup package came enclosed into a ZIP archive, which we found to be a bit awkward. Well, no problem, but still…

While installing, the program didn’t offer to create any icons. It silently added an entry in the start menu, but otherwise the setup was OK.

The program shows a registration reminder window when starting. Restrictions of the trial version are listed there: we can use the program for one week. Alright, we click to continue trial and get to the main window.

The "Source MP3 file" area contains only one button, so we click it. A conventional "Open" dialog, it seems that we can select only MP3 files. Let’s load our test album.

No luck. Hmm, the rest of MP3 splitters could process the file. Let’s try another file.

We load another album (a smaller file) and it works. Perhaps, the program can’t process variable bitrate files.

For the test we split our file into 12 equal parts. Success.

F1 doesn’t open help, we should click the "Help…" button in the left lower corner. A small HTML file with instructions is opened then, but there is not much in it to read. Well, the program itself is so simple that one can’t really expect to find sophisticated documentation.


  • Interface: simple. However: it is not obvious that "Split by selection" and "Split by parts" are tabs. F1 doesn’t open help. 8
  • Features: splits MP3 files. Splits by selection and by a number of parts. Built-in player. No waveform, no silence detection, no CUE file support, no splitting by size/duration. Error opening the test file. 2
  • Documentation: a few simple instructions. 2
  • Compatibility: ran on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista 32 bit, Windows Vista 64 bit. 10
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