MEDA MP3 Splitter

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MP3 Cutter with a Big Waveform Display

The next program that caught our attention was MEDA MP3 Splitter.

Installing goes smoothly. We can’t avoid creating a start group, which is a bit upsetting, but otherwise the setup is OK. It also suggests to run the program when finished.

MEDA MP3 Splitter welcomes us with a registration reminder window. However, no restrictions of the trial version are listed here (and they do exist), which is again a bit upsetting. We click "Continue" to get the trial version started.

The first thing that we see is a large black area and a plenty of scissors on the toolbar. Well, no file is loaded, we could have guessed it. The "Open" icon on the toolbar is clearly recognizable, so we click it.

The program offers a usual "Open" dialog, exactly as the previous one. Here we learn that the program supports MP3 and APE files.

We open our MP3 album. It takes quite a while, but then we get the following:

Very nice. The waveform is big and looks pretty. Even better, there is a smaller waveform above the main one, it shows the whole file. We also notice that there are red vertical lines that coincide with start/end time of songs in the album. It seems like the program has automatically set split points.

Well, then let’s do the splitting. We suppose that the button with multiple diskettes next to the "Open" button will do the trick.

MEDA MP3 Splitter offers to enter a key. As we press "Cancel", it informs us that only 3 parts can be saved in the trial version. Then a wizard starts:

Hmm, we didn’t expect that splitting the file will require five steps. Is there any way to avoid clicking "Next" five times?

Alas, no. We click the button over and over again and finally get to the screen where the program offers to unselect parts that we don’t want to save. We notice that there are some parts in the list that are only 1 or 2 seconds long. Obviously, they are pauses between songs, so we don’t really need them. We unselect them and click "Next" once again.

The program saves files (pretty quick, it seems that, like the previous program, MEDA MP3 Splitter doesn’t re-encode files). Then it offers to open the output folder, what we agree to do.

Oops. Instead of 3 parts (the trial’s limit) it has extracted only two. Obviously, the pause between the first and the second song that we unselected also counted.

We explore menus to see if there are other features and find import from a cue file. We clear the automatically set cut points and use our CUE file. OK, it works, but the program completely ignores ID3 information from the CUE file.

Remembering the problem with showing the complete file on the waveform from Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner, we try to zoom out… but don’t find the feature. MEDA MP3 Splitter allows scrolling, but not zooming in and out. Very unfortunate, as the big display would allow more precise editing even with larger parts of the file.

At last, we press F1.

MEDA MP3 Splitter reports: "Failed to launch help". Hmm, we didn’t expect this. No help at all? Wait, there is a button with the question mark on the toolbar. What about it?

Aha, the button works.

The help is scarce and somehow uninformative (for example, in the introduction we read: "MEDA MP3 Splitter is a powerful tool."). We did find more by exploring menus than by browsing the help.

So, let’s summarize:

  • Interface: big nice looking waveform display, pretty intuitive to open and save files. However: auto-parsing makes the program slower when opening a file. If we want to set cut points manually or load them from a CUE file, we should delete automatically set cut points. No way to load CUE file without loading MP3 file first (and so letting the program set cut points automatically). Very annoying wizard on saving parts. Not every feature is obvious, some of the features are discovered in menus. Error when trying to launch help by pressing F1. No text labels on the toolbar. 7
  • Features: splitter and joiner in one program, silence detection, CUE sheet support (but MEDA MP3 Splitter can’t create CUE files). MP3 and APE support. Big waveform, but no zooming. ID3 can be set in the saving wizard, but no information is taken from the source file, or from the CUE file, all tags should be entered manually. Can split MP3 to the given number of parts, but no equal duration and file size. Cannot extract intersecting parts. Can convert MP3 to WAV. No re-encoding when splitting files (good). Built-in player. 8
  • Documentation: poor. 3
  • Compatibility: ran on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista 32 bit, Windows Vista 64 bit. No issues. 10


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